Adult Craft Kit: Folded-book Birdhouse

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Adult Craft Kit: Folded-book Birdhouse. Perfect for your first try at book folding or just practicing your skills. Everything included to complete this craft - all you need is some glue.

No reservation necessary. Limited quantity. 1 per person.


 1 book, about 300 pages, (150 sheets w/cover removed)

 Hanger - Butterfly - Twine Heart

You will need: Glue



 Fold the first page in half toward the spine.  Then fold the top corner down to meet the spine, making a triangle. Flip that page over; you’re done with it now.

 On the second page, fold the bottom corner in to meet the spine, making a triangle.

Then fold the top corner in to meet the spine. Flip that page over.

Continue to alternate pages one & two. When you are finished folding all of the pages, decide where the front will be to determine the position of your hanger. Glue the hanger inside the top then glue the first and last pages together.

Time to decorate! Attach your butterfly and heart or add any other embellishments.

The birdhouse takes about 1.5 hrs. to fold.

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